Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help Me I Can't Sleep!

This is what not sleeping well will do to you.
Poor Uncle Joe. This is how I've been feeling during the day lately.

Ok, this is driving me absolutely nuts.

I have had problems sleeping for years.  I'd be wide awake at midnight, finally fall asleep, and then wake up early in the morning. Do ya'll have the same problem?

Well, a few months ago I found out that if you don't have enough magnesium in your body, it can cause insomnia. One of the benefits of taking magnesium is I would get to sleep at night? Why not, I'll give it a shot.

So I ran down to Wal-Mart, picked up a bottle of magnesium, and lo and behold it worked. It was like the sleeping gods had come down to my bed at night and knocked me up side the head with sleeping dust.

That is until this week. Every night this week I am awake till nearly 2:00 a.m. and I wake up around 7:00. I am highly annoyed.  And cranky.

So I have attempted to come up with my own treatment for insomnia.  This is a multi-step process for me.
  1. I just think too much. I think of everything I need to do. Instead of sitting there thinking, I get up, jot it down so I don't forget, and it's off my mind.
  2. I refuse to take over-the-counter sleep aids. They're just too dangerous. I have decided to up the magnesium.
  3. I thought, hey, if taking magnesium is helpful, then wouldn't soaking in it help to? Adding Epsom salts to my bathwater has worked wonders. (Plus it gives me a reason to lounge in the tub:)
So far so good. I guess I'm just leaking magnesium. I don't know. I know there are certain foods or drinks you consume that depletes magnesium in your body. I'll look into that and let you know.

So that is what I have done to help me know how to sleep better.

What are some things that you do to help you sleep at night?

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